Moving To Memphis


So because literally no one asked for a life update (rude!) I thought I would share it anyway because that’s what good bloggers do when literally no one asks. Let’s go back a bit shall we? Back in February of this year, I packed up our 500 square-foot Kitsilano apartment, coaxed our 15 year old (aka grumpy, sleepy, and with a weak bladder) cat into an airplane approved pet carrier, and made my last skytrain trip as a west coast citizen to the international terminal of YVR. While I watched Vancouver disappear into the small oval lens of my airplane window, I definitely had mixed emotions. Running through my head were thoughts such as, “What am I going to do with the copious amount of money that i’ll be saving in rent each month?” “Will there be bottomless mimosas in Memphis as well?” “Am I going to have to start liking country music to assimilate into the culture?”. What I knew for sure though, was that I had been itching for an adventure for a long time.

Lets fast forward to today. After being in Memphis for about 8 months, a few things have become apparent. It is HOT down here. While I still don’t understand the whole Fahrenheit situation (I still need to ask Ian, “What’s the temperature in Canadian?”) I DO know that this summer has been sweaty AF. Not the cute, “omg I love your highlighter” sweaty, but the “holy crap I am sweating through my shirt and I hope no one can see and I think I just left a moist bum imprint on that restaurant chair gunna go die now bye” kind of sweaty. So yes, I have been able to level up a few shades of bronze during the summer months, but it’s been a shock having to get used to 35 degree afternoons when life feels like a never ending hot yoga class.

I’ve also come to realize that southern hospitality is not a fairytale, but a living, breathing entity that runs deep within the people who live here. Sometimes I am legitimately caught off guard by the gregarious and inviting nature of humans here, after a lengthy stay in a place where it’s more normal to look at your phones than talk to a stranger. Maybe the secret to their happiness is in the incredible barbecue, inspiring live music scattered across the city, or the warm summer nights featuring full symphonies of cicadas and sweet breezes. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I do know that there is something special about southern culture and the people who grew up in it.

Moving cities is strange, but i’ve found that the most fulfilling moments come in the unplanned and unexpected moments. The times where you make a point of exploring with no schedule or goal in mind. These are the moment when I find myself discovering a pocket of wonder that tends to pour out of new situations.





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