Finding Creativity


Have you ever been in a situation where you have a concrete plan, a solidified mental map of how every minute of a situation is going to play out and then it, well, doesn’t exactly pan out as you hoped? This shoot is a perfect example of exactly that. I went into this shoot with a plan, sister. I was more organized than a Virgo on Adderall. I’m talking Google Docs with map images, pose inspiration, props, and mood-boards with Lizzo and Beyonce playing full volume in the background. But low and behold, when the time came to actually live out this elaborate scheme, everything I thought was going to be great was about as aesthetic as a dump truck.

I really tried to capture this vision that I held tight in my mind, not wanting to surrender to the fact that it was just not cute, but after a while I had to say heck it and move on. And that, my friends, was when the magic happened. I think that the truest forms of creativity shine through when we are in a state of play. When we throw our plans and expectations in the garbage and open up to just exploring our options, doing weird shit, failing a little (or a lot), and finding the strange magic that’s always hidden where we didn’t expect to find any.

It was through aimless wandering that Ian and I found these theatre seats, which I literally died over because how Wes Anderson is that colour pallette y’all? So to make this relatable on a daily life level, I’m trying to let go of control when it comes to creativity and dive more into a state of play when inspiration hits. Because until they make playgrounds for adults, this space is my jungle gym.


Dress - H&M

Sunnies - UO (Similar)


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