Hideaway Logo Design

Hand-drawn type for a small company that never saw the light of day, but was still beautiful in it’s ideation.


Sloan Concept Design

The concept for a gorgeous all natural skincare line hit me like a tonne of bricks one day, and this custom type and logo came to life within a few hours. I wanted the branding to look organic but also have a sense of self-assurance and solidity. The pictorial mark is a loose representation of the yin and yang, and a reminder to keep balance in all things.

SLOAN1Asset 1.jpg
SLOAN1Asset 2.jpg
SLOAN1Asset 4.jpg
SLOAN1Asset 3.jpg

Okchik Concept Logo & Typography

Sometimes I just have to make up works in order to satiate my urge to play with type. Okchik was born for just that reason. This supple and delicate typeface was customized in order to create a more curvaceous flow between the letters, while keeping the word contained within the sharp serifs. I imagine the jewelry created by this company would be ultra modern and feminine.

Okchik04 copy.jpg
Okchik03 copy.jpg

Cloverlie Media Logo Design

I designed this logo for my dear friend and her emerging media company. I wanted a logo that really captured what her company is all about, badass images of badass humans. I love the look of the logo either filled in or outlined and I created it to be highly versatile.

SLOAN2Asset 18.png
SLOAN2Asset 17.png
SLOAN2Asset 16.jpg

Get Lost Club - Logo Design

The Get Lost Club was another brand that unfortunately didn’t make it to the surface, but I still hold this logo dear to my heart either way.

lostclubAsset 1.jpg
A4-A5 Flyer Mockup 02-min.jpg
get lost-mockup.png

Andrea Fernandez Photography Portfolio


Balter Cafe - Concept Design 


Eye & Form - Concept Logo


Gold & Fern - Concept Logo



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