This mockup is focused on colour, vibrancy, and white space. I wanted to have enough space throughout the site to make the photography really pop, and to create a very clean feel that is modern but still very approachable.

The header area includes a navigation bar (this can be fixed at the top of the page as the viewer scrolls so that it’s always visible), social icons, and a bright hero image with your tagline in the middle.


This is an area where you can introduce your business to the world, define what sets you apart, and tell clients what they can expect when they work with you.


Including a testimonial on your homepage helps create trust and let’s potential clients know that you’re a pleasure to work with.


These buttons can be used for whichever services or pages you would like to showcase. I’m not sure why where is a while line in the “Gallery” photo, but that can be fixed in the design process!


The instagram portion of the page can be in a gallery view or a scrolling view. This mockup uses a scrolling view to showcase larger images and some movement on the page.

Artboard 1.jpg