For the first mockup, I wanted to create something super user friendly and a homepage that really makes your work shine brightly. It includes links to all of your services, and lets the viewers scroll through and truly enjoy your imagery.



This hero image can be made to move along with the scroll - similar to the dark green background on my own homepage. A large image that pops up as soon as someone goes to your webpage is a fantastic way to make an impact and a fantastic first impression.


This is a great place for your tagline and to introduce people to your company values.


These buttons can have a hover effect, and either become lighter or darker when a mouse hovers over them.


This background image can also move along with the scroll similar to the hero image above.


This is a place where people can learn more about services that they may not have known you offer


This area will link directly to your instagram so that people can see all of your beautiful work!

Artboard 1.jpg


This is a potential about page that includes your contact form.



This page can be your gallery landing page with links to your different portfolios.


This image can move with the scroll similar to the images on the homepage.

Artboard 2.jpg

Artboard 3.jpg